Press publishers in Europe respond to public consultation on reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications


 Brussels, 20 September 2016 – ENPA - the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association - and EMMA - the European Magazine Media Association – have responded to the public consultation launched by the European Commission on reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications.


 This public consultation paves the way for the Commission’s upcoming proposal which would allow Member States to apply the same zero, super reduced or reduced VAT rates applicable for printed newspapers and magazines also to the digital environment. In its reply to the public consultation, ENPA and EMMA have reiterated the urgent need for such a legislative change in the VAT legislation.


 On 6th May 2015, European Commission President Juncker made a speech at the BDZV congress in Brussels in which he declared support for a reduction of VAT on digital press and stated that the Commission would come forward with a proposal. This intention has been recently confirmed by Commissioner Moscovici which highlighted the Commission’s plan to present a proposal by the end of 2016 allowing Member States to lower VAT rates for the press in the digital environment.


 In their joint submission, ENPA and EMMA have highlighted the positive economic benefit of such a change for the sustainability of press publishing companies and for responding to readers’ increasing demand for professional journalistic content and innovative services in the digital environment. Publishers would be able to keep a high level of investment in editorial content whilst maintaining the lowest possible price for readers.


 Finally, the press publishing sector in Europe plays a key-role in education and literacy at a time when our society, especially the young generation, are increasingly reading news on all digital platforms. Reducing VAT on the digital press would improve accessibility to pluralistic and diverse press content, which is crucial for safeguarding Europe’s democratic values, media pluralism and cultural diversity.


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Press Release


Brussels, 14 September 2016 - Newspaper and magazine publishers welcome the European Commission’s proposal for publishing rights


Europe’s leading Newspaper and Magazine Publishers’ Associations EMMA, ENPA, EPC and NME welcome today’s proposal by the European Commission to recognize publishers as rightholders in EU copyright law.


"The introduction of a publisher’s right at EU-level is a necessary and historically important step in guaranteeing media pluralism as an essential basis for freedom of opinion and democracy in the digital world," declared the publishers’ organizations today in Brussels. The Commission’s proposal takes into account the unsatisfactory situation whereby the high-quality content produced by press publishers contributes to the success of many online platforms that do not make a significant contribution to the content, while publishers do not benefit from an appropriate share of the value produced.


The Commission is correct in its assessment that, without adequate legal protection at EU level, the sustainability of publishing industries may be at stake with the risk of further negative consequences on media pluralism, democratic debate and quality of information.




On a daily basis, European newspaper and magazine publishers produce thousands of articles which, in the age of the internet, can be partly or fully copied, recycled and marketed by third parties within just a few seconds. Press publishers have long underlined the importance of being able to get a return on their investment in professional journalism, in particular in the context of third parties’ commercial use of their products, in order to continue their important role of providing information, entertainment and opinion in our democratic society. This has been recognised by the Commission in its proposal today, which provides protection for press publications and recognises the important role of press publishers. This step is long overdue, as all other sectors of the creative industries except for the publishing sector currently enjoy their own rights. It was time to close this loophole in order to provide legal certainty for press publications in the digital world.


To achieve this goal, it is important that the proposal is not subsequently weakened, and that it includes all the necessary rights to meaningfully enable press publishers to market their products. It is equally important to sustainably secure press publishers’ share of fair compensation for uses of the work made under limitations or exceptions, without being burdensome.


What remains certain is that the publisher’s right will have no impact on the freedom of the internet, in particular on linking. All regular copyright exceptions, such as those relating to quoting, illustration, research and private copying, etc. will still apply.


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The proposal of the EU-Commission is available here



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ENPA and EMMA moved to new office


ENPA has moved jointly with EMMA to a new office in Rue de Namur 73 A, 1000 Brussels.

We are happy to welcome you in our new premises!






On 1 July 2016, media experts and stakeholders from throughout Europe joined together in Wroclaw, Poland, to participate in the press freedom conference ®evolution of Europe’s Press, organized by ENPA together with EMMA and an alliance of other press and journalism associations. 


The conference saw a host of interesting events and speeches, focusing on the role of the media in in modern democracy, and current challenges and threats to Europe’s media. Participants were involved in developing a range of suggestions to overcome such challenges, such as a revision of privacy or antiterrorism laws to avoid arbitrary interpretation from national judiciaries causing risks to media freedom. The promising ideas formulated at this event will continue on as part of the Future Media Lab dialogues. The next important event to note is the upcoming Future Media Lounge session in September, at the European Parliament in Brussels. (Details to follow). You can find more information about the press freedom conference here.


On the 27-29 June, the 2nd UNESCO European Media and Information Literacy Forum took place in Riga, at the National Library of Latvia. Ms. Elodie Depré, media literacy project manager and communication officer at, spoke on behalf of ENPA on ‘bridging concept and practice: mediators of MIL at the Local Level (The Role of Libraries and Media Networks as Mediators in Promoting MIL (The Case of Latvia) and Other Target Groups (Parents, Teachers, Industries).


The session covered important questions related to how the potential of the different actors could be reached in strengthening media and information literacy, how the different actors could best synergize their efforts to help children in achieving media and information literacy, and how to link in other important concepts such as gender equality in media and information literacy.


More information can be found at

ENPA meeting with Vice-President Ansip

On 6 June 2016 an ENPA delegation of press publishers from across Europe met with the European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the news media sector in the digital single market, with a particular focus on copyright, VAT and the AVMS Directive.

Delegation from right to left: Tomáš Kamenec from Petit Press Publishing House in Slovakia, ENPA Vice President Valdo Lehari jr., Publisher of Reutlinger General-Angzeiger in Germany, Sophie Scrive, ENPA Deputy Executive Director, ENPA President Carlo Perrone, Vice President of Italiana Editrice S.p.A. (ITEDI), Andre Veskimeister, Member of the Management Board of Ekspress Grupp in Estonia, Vice-President Andrus Ansip, François Le Hodey, CEO of IPM Group (La Libre Belgique),  ENPA Vice President Bruno Pachent, Directeur Exécutif de Média Sud Europe in France, Carolin Wehrhahn, Head of BDZV Brussels Office

Publishers' Right in a Digital Age

Adequate legal protection is needed to ensure the diversity of the press and the future of quality Journalism in Europe 


The European Commission has launched a consultation on publishers’ rights on 23 March 2016. This provides an important opportunity for the Commission, ahead of legislative proposals for EU copyright reform, to properly assess the copyright-related challenges faced by the publishing community in the digital era, what is at stake and the appropriate way to address these issues at EU level.


The consultation is much welcomed by the publishing community, as it provides the opportunity to acknowledge the value of the press to society and the digital economy, and to set the record straight on the challenges posed in the digital environment and how to best address them at EU level.


The hope is that it could ultimately lead to much-needed adequate legal protection of publishers in the EU copyright framework, in particular by clarifying at EU level that publishers, like the other content producers (broadcasters, film producers, phonogram producers], are listed as rightholders in EU copyright law. 


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