In a rapidly changing media environment, ENPA works on behalf of its members and their publishers as they invest in and develop business models to provide readers with exciting, new ways of accessing authoritative news content on print and digital formats. ENPA supports publishers during this crucial transitionary period with the aim of achieving a successful and sustainable future for independent news media in Europe. ENPA, the association representing publishers of newspapers and news media in Europe, has several key objectives:


  • to enable publishers of newspapers and news media in Europe to speak with one voice towards the European institutions;
  • to represent the interests of publishers and provide input to EU decision makers on any legislation, policy or initiative with a direct or indirect impact on the independent press sector;
  • to preserve and promote fundamental rights and in particular press freedom as a cornerstone of democracy, as well as commercial freedom as a precondition for economic sustainability;
  • to act as an early warning system for pending legislation or regulation, primarily from the European Union and Council of Europe, with a potential impact on the news media publishing industry;
  • to provide services to members and their publishers, including up to date information on the current state of priority policy issues and other initiatives relevant to the independent press sector
  • to favour pluralism and diversity of media content.