Boguslaw Chrabota

President of Polish Press Publihers Assotiation

Boguslaw Chrabota. Journalist. Writer. Comentator. Since January 2013 Editor in Chief of Rzeczpospolita Daily News, leading Polish newspaper. Born 30.12.1964 in Cracow, Poland. Law degree at Jagiellonian University, Cracow. Fellow of numerous scholarships in the USA, including university programs at UMass, Hartford University, Boston College and Columbia University, NY. First publications in Polish dissident press 1986. Since 1990 until 1993 working for Polish public television news dept. 1992 – 1993 deputy Editor in Chief of TVP news. Member of the founding team of first Polish commercial television Polsat. Program Director, news chief, television personality. Political and economical comentator for various titles including Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita and many others. Scholar and author of numerous books. President of Polish Press Publihers Assotiation (IWP) since 2018.