Carlo Perrone

ENPA President

Carlo Perrone is an Italian Publisher.  Up until 2014 he was the full owner of the  leading Ligurian daily newspaper "Il Secolo XIX". In 2015 the latter merged with La Stampa of Torino, creating a new, much larger and stronger multimedia group with a dominant position in the North West of Italy. It was named Italiana Editrice SpA. Carlo Perrone is currently  serving as a Board Member of GEDI (La Republica, La Stampa, Il Secolo XIX).

He is also  the former Vice-President of the World Association of Newspapers and was the  Vice-President of the European Newspaper Publishers Association from 2010-2016, at which point he became President. In addition, he has been Executive Board member of Ansa (Italian national news agency) and FIEG (Italian publisher Federation).

Carlo Perrone is  member of the International Advisory Board of Sotheby’s.