European newspaper and magazine publishers welcome today's announcement by Commissioner Moscovici of a specific proposal coming up this year to reduce VAT rates for e-publications, along with what was announced by President Juncker in May 2015.

In the VAT Action Plan published today, the Commission recognises that digital newspapers and magazines cannot benefit under the current rules from the reduced rates available for physical publications. This needs to be addressed urgently. Member States can apply lower VAT rates to printed newspapers and magazines in recognition of the press plays in democracy, while they must apply the standard rate to their digital versions. Publishers are pleased to see that the Commission understands that there is a need to modernise the system to take into account today´s reality in which a significant number of European reads the press on the Internet, mobile devices and social media.

European press publishers have long been calling for such a reform of the VAT regime that would simplify the offer of bundle products, the access of citizens to press products of their choice, boost the development of the digital press market, and positively impact economy, growth and democracy. EMMA and ENPA call on Member States to actively support the Commission´s intention to publish this year the proposal allowing for reduced VAT rates for the printed and digital press.

The action plan is available here


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