Italian publisher Carlo Perrone elected as new ENPA President

ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, has elected as new President Carlo Perrone at its General Assembly which took place today in Brussels. ENPA President Carlo Perrone is the Vice President of Italiana Editrice S.p.A. (ITEDI) (La Stampa & Il Secolo XIX) and has been Vice President of ENPA since 2010.

The General Assembly also appointed Bruno Pachent, Executive Director of Média Sud Europe, as Vice-President next to Vice-President Valdo Lehari jr..

ENPA President Carlo Perrone said: “It is a great honour for me today to be elected as President of ENPA, which, since its creation in 1961, defends and advocates strongly for press freedom, editorial independance and to ensure that all citizens across Europe participate to the democratic debate. These values must remain at the heart of the European and national priorities, especially at a time where Europe is facing many challenges, whether economic, social or political.”

In the course of 2016, ENPA will strongly focus on the need for publishers to be included in the catalogue of right holders in the EU copyright framework currently under review and the reduction of the VAT rate applicable to newspapers in all digital formats and on all platforms. The review of the audiovisual legal framework, the position of platforms and dominant players in the digital environment and the role of media literacy in education will also be part of ENPA main priorities.

ENPA is an international non-profit organisation representing publishers of newspaper and news media on all platforms, represented by national and regional associations from 14 European countries, members of ENPA, including Germany, France, Italy and many others.


For further information, contact:

Sophie Scrive, ENPA Deputy Executive Director
Tel: +32 (0)2 551 01 90


The European Magazine Media Association, is the unique and complete representation of Europe’s magazine media, which is today enjoyed by millions of consumers on various platforms, encompassing both paper and digital formats.

The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) is the largest representative body of newspaper publishers across Europe. ENPA advocates for 14 national associations across 14 European countries, and is a principal interlocutor to the EU institutions and a key driver of media policy debates in the European Union.