European press publishers’ open letter “EMFA must live up to its name”

EMMA and ENPA support the open letter from hundreds of European press publishers of all sizes, press titles and press associations from across Europe to send to EU Member States a clear and strong political message at a critical juncture in the negotiations on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). At this moment in time right after the endorsement of the Council’s position in COREPER and just before the adoptions of the LIBE and IMCO opinions in the European Parliament, it is appropriate to reflect on the work made on the EMFA so far and on the outstanding remaining issues, while being mindful of the ongoing discussions in the lead CULT Committee. The letter was launched in the framework of an event by EMMA – ENPA kindly hosted by MEP Sabine Verheyen at the European Parliament and highlights the core concerns of the European press sector. Its ambition is to serve as a guidance for the co-legislators to address some key open questions during future negotiations and achieve a result that can respect and uphold press freedom across all Member States.

Ilias Konteas, EMMA-ENPA Executive Director, said: “We support the intention of the EMFA, nonetheless today hundreds of press publishers from all around Europe send an important political signal to policymakers voicing their concerns over the EMFA, the possible limitations and negative impact on functioning national systems while side-stepping broader political, economic and rule of law systemic issues. We are looking forward to continue working with the co-legislators to ensure that EMFA can achieve the goal to protect European media.”

ERRATA CORRIGE: Due to a misunderstanding, a number of signatures from one country had to be removed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to all parties involved. Still, several publishers, publications and publishers' associations support the message, which remains valid and should be duly considered for the remainder of the EMFA negotiations.


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