World Federation of Advertisers

WFA is the only global organization representing the commoninterests of marketers. Through its network of 55 national advertiser associations on five continents WFA represents around 90% of global marketing communications. WFA champions responsible and effective marketing communications worldwide.

International Newspaper Marketing Association

INMA is the world’s leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for newsmedia companies looking to grow amid profound market change. The association provides members with thought, leadership and practical ideas to grow audience, advertising, brand and profits.

Federation of European Direct Marketing

FEDMA is the single voice of the European direct and interactive marketing industry. Its national members are direct marketing associations (DMAs) representing users, service providers and media/carriers ofdirect marketing. FEDMA also has more than 200 direct company members.

European Association of Communications Agencies

EACA brings together the advertising, media and sales promotions agencies across Europe, enabling international experience and issues to be shared and dealt with on a pan-European basis. It provides an important link between agencies, advertisers and the advertising media in Europe and around the world and participates closely in the setting of standards in many aspects of the business across Europe.

European Advertising Standards Alliance

EASA is the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation issues and promotes high ethical standards in commercial communications by means of effective self-regulation, while being mindful of national differences of culture, legal and commercial practice. EASA brings together national advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and organisations representing the advertising industry in Europe.

Association of Commercial Television in Europe

ACT is a trade association representing the interests of the commercial broadcasting sector in Europe. ACT has 28 member companies active in 34 European countries, who encompass several business models ranging from free-to-air television broadcasters and pay-TV players to digital platform operators and multimedia groups.

Advertising Information Group

AIG is a European tripartite information, monitoring and analysis body shaped by the common principles and policies of its founding members. It was founded in 1996 as a non-profit, flexible and informal organisation.