Green's Debate on Copyright: solutions for a Press Publishers' Right

On September 6, EMMA-ENPA attended conference “Better Regulation for Copyright” hosted by Julia Reda (Greens/DE) in the European Parliament.

The event was marked by a lively exchange of contrasting opinions regarding the Copyright Directive. Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, as the keynote speaker of the event, noted the benefits of the Directive for the press publishers in stating that the “publisher’s right purpose is to help the content owners in licensing their press publications to obtain a fair share of the revenues generated by the use of their content.” 

These views were also echoed by Dr Thomas Höppner. He urged that press publishers need a better legal protection against agregators, who he described as “freeriding” on press publishers and benefitting from a “market failure” that the publisher’s right can address.

 In contrast to this, Dr. S. J. Van Gompel challenged the potential of the press publisher’s right to solve the publishers’ problems. He stated that “the creation of an IP right will not change the advertising market nor consumer behavior.” In his view, the issues of press publishers are administrative – not market based – and the press publisher’s right would be ineffective.  

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