Politicians! Do not kill the Polish media!

Polish lawmakers must not ignore the crucial necessity of ensuring that negotiations between the press and large internet platforms be fair. Only fairness will help the sector be duly remunerated for the content produced by journalists and publishers. Urgent action is needed.


Warsaw, 4 July 2024


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"Politicians! Do not kill the Polish media!" - nationwide media protest on the implementation of the Copyright Act


On Thursday morning, the Polish media began a protest action regarding the implementation of the Copyright Act in Poland. Over 350 media from all over Poland, the Chamber of Press Publishers, the Association of Journalists and Publishers Repropol, the Association of Employers of Digital Publishers, the Association of Local Newspapers and the Association of Local Media appeal to politicians to introduce provisions that strengthen publishers in negotiations with big tech, Google, Meta or Microsoft regarding renumeration for the content they use.


At the end of June, the Sejm rejected the amendments proposed by publishers and journalists, and now the implementation of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights has been submitted to the Senate, which is meeting on this issue on 10 July.


The protest is visible in editorial publications, news programs, interviews and in social media of the most important media in Poland. The organizers prepared an appeal signed by representatives of most media in Poland.


Appeal of Polish media representatives


Politicians! Do not kill the Polish media!

Polish media are an important part of the lives of each of us - all those living, residing, and working in Poland. They are part of our cultural heritage and democratic system. And as such, they must survive.

Throughout their entire history, including their recent developments, they have stood guard over freedom, democracy, the citizens' right to public debate, truth, and accountability for the word. It is in Poland's interest that this does not change.

Unfortunately, we have to face the threat posed by the domination of global technology giants on the Polish media market. These are extremely powerful and influential organizations.

As a result of their rapid development, they have taken over the lion's share of advertising funds that have so far financed Polish media. They exploit the content we create without impunity and for free, and transfer the profits abroad.

Therefore, in order to survive, we need the support of a democratic state. The same one that we have always defended with the same passion. Unfortunately, once again the state is not performing well in this role.

During the adoption of regulations on copyright in the digital world, our postulates were completely disregarded. And we didn't ask for much.

We expected the introduction of mediation instruments between platforms and publishers in the event of a dispute over royalties due to us, fair compensation for the exposure of our content on the network, and protection against its copying.

These were our main postulates, completely ignored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Sejm.

The matters we write about are crucial for Polish media, ambitious journalism, and honest debate on public affairs. The reluctance of the rulers to deal with this problem is a sign of irresponsibility and short-sightedness. It's not too late today.

We appeal to the authorities, to deputies and senators of all political options, to listen to our arguments and improve the harmful law.

Surrendering these areas entirely to global technology players will not only seriously impoverish us as a society but may also threaten the democracy we know. This must not be allowed to happen. Politicians - do something not only for foreign technology giants, but also for Poland, Polish women, and Polish men!

Polish publishers, editors and journalists



Jacek Wojtaś, Coordinator for Foreign Cooperation, Chamber of Press Publishers

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Maciej Kossowski, President, Association of Employers of Digital Publishers

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