Asocijacija Medija



Asocijacija Medija
Kraljice Natalije 28

Asocijacija Medija, the Serbian Newspaper Publishers’ Association (SNPA) was founded in 2003 as a business organisation of newspaper publishers and news agencies. SNPA united 11 newspaper publishers and 2 news agencies. The publishers, in Media Association, distribute 9 daily papers and over 130 magazines, catering to different interests, on the Serbian market. Membership in the Association is established on a voluntary basis; it is not based on uniformity of editorial policies, while the work is entirely financed from revenue generated through membership fees. The association does not receive any financial support from the government.

The main objective of SNPA is to identify the minimal, common interest of its members, to articulate, represent and promote it, whether it is through contact with the government, public enterprises, or any other companies whose goods and services are of significance to the Association. 

No less important to Serbian publishers is the continual education of its members in different media houses, with the aim of achieving the highest standard in public informing. A singular aim of SNPA is to promote legislation which concerns media industry and the efficient implementation of European or international practices in the field of media. The board of directors of the Serbian Newspaper Publishers’ Association consists of 9 members and manages the work, while the executive director is in charge of implementing conclusions and conducting the usual business.