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Copyright EMMA/ENPA is looking for a Legal/European Affairs Intern for Fall 2017



Brussels, 23 September 2017 -


EMMA is a non-profit organization representing over 15.000 magazine publishers throughout Europe publishing over 50.000 titles in Europe, reaching on average 80% of European adults. 300 million Europeans read magazines on a regular, consistent basis. More information is available at


ENPA is an international non-profit organization representing publishers of newspaper and news media on all platforms. ENPA is working on a number of areas of European policy and legislation which are essential for the effective day-to-day running of operations of local, regional and national newspapers. In a rapidly changing media environment, ENPA supports publishers with the aim of achieving a successful and sustainable future for independent news media in Europe. More information is available online:


EMMA and ENPA are offering an unpaid, full-time internship at the Secretariat’s offices in Brussels for a period of 3-6 months (a small allowance for transport and food will be paid). This internship will be of benefit particularly for anyone who seeks professional experience related to lobbying in a European, membership-based organisation.




The internship offers the possibility to learn about the work of EMMA and ENPA, especially its advocacy and communication actions in Brussels, and the priorities of magazine publishers today. It consists of support and assistance in the following areas:

◾Monitor legislative and non-legislative activity, detect key issues and analyse their impact on the European magazine publishing industry
◾Support EMMA and ENPA’s public affairs work, including the preparation of briefings, contact plans, newsletter articles and monitoring of parliamentary discussions
◾Research and background work to support the overall activities of EMMA and ENPA
◾Support EMMA and ENPA’s administration and organisational work, such as preparing meetings with members and organizing meetings with the EU institutions


◾Knowledge of the EU Institutions, including decision-making procedures, as well as EU law
◾An excellent team-player, with a demonstrated interest in media policy in the EU context
◾Excellent English language skills and very good written and verbal communication skills: phone calls to arrange meetings and drafting of articles for members is part of the weekly job
◾Strong IT skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database)
◾Self-motivated, well organized and able to work efficiently
◾Ideally working towards a degree in political sciences or law. Previous experience in an EU institution or an EU association is an asset.

EMMA/ENPA internships are only open to candidates registered in a University/school/institute, as a contract must be signed between EMMA and the student's home university. Please note that this is a compulsory condition; applications that do not match this criterion will not be short listed.


How to apply:


Please send a CV, covering letter, and your availability to begin the internship in Fall 2017 to Cynthia Pulido to the following email address:

Subject heading: Application Intern + your name


Only candidates invited for interview will be contacted. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis until the right candidate is found.

September 8, 2017




The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association and European Magazine Media Association gravely concerned with threats to investigative journalism in Poland


Brussels, 18 July 2017 -

It is with great concern that ENPA and EMMA learned last week that Polish investigative journalist from the Polish daily newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Mr Tomasz Piatek is facing criminal prosecution from the Polish ministry of defence for publishing a book about their Minister and his alleged ties with Russian entities close to the Kremlin. As a result Mr. Piatek is facing a jail sentence of several years simply for accomplishing his work as a journalist and for striving to inform the public about possible questionable behavior.


The very purpose of journalism and the publishers who support them is to provide the citizen with the most pertinent and accurate information in order to fulfill the role of fourth estate within European democracies. If the honest work of journalists is under constant threat from the forces of the government, that role becomes extremely difficult to assume and ultimately leads to journalistic self-censorship.


For that reason, ENPA and EMMA fully support Mr. Tomasz Piatek in his current strenuous situation and also the efforts of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and other Media freedom NGOs who are bringing light to this serious matter. Additionally, we add our voice to the demand addressed to the Polish government of dropping the complaints against Mr. Piatek.


As a European representation of the daily press, ENPA and EMMA solemnly stress the need for European level reaction when an EU member state does not abide by the principles that are ingrained in European democracies and values, namely freedom of the media.


EMMA and ENPA have joined Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom         (ECPMF), Freedom house, Global Editors Network (GEN), Index on Censorship, International Press Institute (IPI), South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) and have written to Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz urging him to withdraw his criminal complaint against Tomasz Piatek.


You can read the open letter here.

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Copyright - ITRE and CULT opinion Committees endorses a press publishers’ right at EU level (Article 11)



Brussels, 12 July 2017 -

Following the two important votes which took place this morning in the ITRE and CULT Committee, ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, welcomes the support of MEPs to Article 11 of the Copyright Proposal, introducing a press publishers’ right at EU level. 


ENPA President Carlo PERRONE stated: “After the positive votes on Article 11 in the different opinion Committees, we are confident to see that MEPs recognize the value of a press publishers’ right at EU level, which would ensure that publishers can invest further in journalism and negotiate on fair conditions with platforms. It gives a very important signal that Europe supports a free and independent press in our democratic societies whilst promoting citizens’ access to information.”


Before the vote in the opinion’s committee, ENPA and EMMA have called MEPs to support the press publishers’ right at EU level which would create the conditions necessary for a free and economically independent press sector in Europe. 


Ensure adequate protection like any other creative sectors (broadcasters, film producers and phonogram producers etc.): Publishers do not currently have their own rights to protect their press publications under EU copyright law. A “press publisher’s right” will provide publishers with a neighbouring right as already enjoyed by music, film and TV producers, whose complete works are protected by copyright in their entirety without prejudice to the underlying rights of authors and performers, giving them the possibility to decide on how and where their content is made available. 


Provide legal certainty for press publishers towards news aggregators and platforms without affecting individual users: To remain competitive and independently financed in the EU, press publishers need to have the possibility to negotiate agreement, in a balanced relationship with third parties and digital platforms. This right does not cover individual users, who will be able to continue sharing content as they are doing today for non-commercial purposes, and to post links to social media and other platforms in their private capacity. 


Incentivise and reward investment by press publishers in editorial content and professional journalism whilst respecting journalist’s authors’ right: A free and independent press can only exist if publishers can still remunerate journalists, photographers and freelancers and finance their training and security. A press publisher right is a long term solution guaranteeing economic sustainability for professional journalism whilst preserving employment in the editorial team.


ENPA will look very closely at the future debate and the vote in the JURI Committee, which is the leading committee on the copyright proposal with a new rapporteur Mr. Axel Voss (EPP; Germany). The vote in the JURI Committee should take place on 28 September and a vote in plenary in October. 


Press Release:


European press publishers applaud European Commission landmark decision in competition case against Google



Brussels, 28 June 2017 -

The European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) and the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) welcome the formal decision from the European Commission in the Google competition case, which acknowledges the company’s abuse of its dominant market position.

Yesterday, European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager announced that the EU competition authority concluded that Google’s practice of illegally favouring its own services in search results breached EU antitrust rules, undermining competition in Europe. This decision ends the nearly decade-long inquiry into the company.

The Commission imposed a record fine of €2.42 billion and requested that Google stop the abuse within a period of 90 days or face penalty payments of up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

Auke Visser, President of EMMA said “This historic decision against anti-competitive behaviour in the digital markets reinforces the value of Europe’s creative content sector and the significant contributions it makes to Europe’s economy. Also Europe’s free, independent, diverse and vibrant press needs to be defended against such anti-competitive practices.”

Carlo Perrone, President of ENPA, said: “While we are pleased with the outcome announced yesterday afternoon, we will continue closely following the implementation of the Commission’s decision. As such, it is crucial that the ongoing procedures against Google are quickly concluded, specifically in relation to the unauthorized use of publishers’ content and bundling of Android with other Google services.”

Along this process, EMMA and ENPA expressed strong support of their members from the German magazine and newspaper associations, VDZ and BDZV, who are formal complainants in the case. In 2009, BDZV and VDZ were among the first to formally point to Google’s practice of favouring their own services in search results, thus contributing to the competition procedure. In a press statement issued yesterday afternoon, the Presidents of the two associations welcomed the outcome of the complaint and the steps it has taken to ensure fair competition of online offers.


To download a pdf of this press release, click here.

Press Release:


European press publishers underline the need for an alignment of digital and print VAT rates, following Council Ecofin Meeting


Brussels, 16 June 2017 -

European press publishers regret the outcome of today’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) meeting, which ended without a political agreement on the adoption of the proposal to amend the existing EU VAT directive in order to allow Member States to apply reduced VAT rates to digital publications.


Earlier this month, members of the European Parliament indicated their broad support of the European Commission proposal by formally adopting its non-binding report which allowed reduced VAT rates for the digital press.


The current VAT Directive (2006/112) allows for reduced-rates to be applied only to printed versions of magazines and newspapers at EU level, meaning that digital publications have to apply the full VAT rate. Since people increasingly access content on mobile and digital devices, the current directive no longer reflects reality. The push to modify the directive to allow Member States to align digital and print VAT rates was first initiated by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in a speech in 2015, and has been supported by both EMMA and ENPA ever since.


Without the agreement in the European Council, the file will continue to be discussed under the Estonian Presidency, which starts on 1 July 2017.


To download a pdf of the full press release, click here.


European press publishers applaud MEPs support of the press publisher’s right in the IMCO Committee.


On 8 June, the committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) has voted on the proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. European Press publishers represented by ENPA and EMMA applauds the decision made by the IMCO committee to reject the compromise amendments of rapporteur Mrs. Stihler (UK; Socialist).


The rapporteur in IMCO was calling for deletion of Article 11 on the press publishers’ right, which would have been highly detrimental to publishers’ investments in journalism but would also seriously prevented individual citizens to continue benefiting from a diverse and pluralistic press content.


The result of this vote means that the wording of article 11 remains as it is now in the European Commission’s draft proposal. By keeping the press publisher’s right and not accepting Mrs. Sithler’s position, MEPs recognise the important role that the free and independent press plays in our open and democratic societies. They give a very important signal on the need to ensure a sustainable and pluralistic press sector in Europe.


The IMCO Committee is the first of five committees to vote on the European Commission’s proposal and it has a shared competence with the lead Committee (JURI). The other committees are scheduled to vote as follows: CULT will vote 21 June; LIBE on 29 June (though not on the publisher’s right); ITRE on 10/11 July, and the final vote in JURI is scheduled to take place on 28 September.


For more information on the press publisher’s right:

Job vacancy at EMMA/ENPA: Communication Officer


Brussels, 31 May 2017 -

ENPA and EMMA are looking for a Communication Officer to join their joint team in Brussels.


Candidates should have at least 3 years of working experience in the communication field, should be fluent in English and  ideally in one other EU language. Mastering CMS systems (Adobe Business Catalyst, Jimdo) and graphic design programmes (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,  Fireworks) to do small graphic works in-house is an asset. Experience in the EU context is an advantage.


To apply, please send a motivation letter including salary expectations as well as your CV to . Deadline for applications: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 EOB.


To download a pdf of the full job description, click here.

Press Release:


Council's general approach on the draft audiovisual media services (AVMS) directive raises concerns for media pluralism


Press publishers deeply regret that Member States have given up the existing hourly-based limit for TV advertising.


Brussels, 24 May 2017 -

Publishers of newspapers and magazines in Europe are concerned that the Council’s general approach on the proposal for an updated AVMS Directive could seriously undermine media pluralism and press freedom in Europe.


First of all, the Council text supports an unprecedented deregulation of the audiovisual advertising market, which is probably neither what consumers want nor certainly what the objective of maintaining a vibrant and pluralistic media landscape requires.


Despite repeated calls to avoid reopening the existing hourly-based time restriction for TV audiovisual commercial communications (Article 23), Member States in the Council significantly moved away from such a rule and, as a result, would create a highly insecure situation for the press sector on the advertising market. In that context, EMMA and ENPA urge Member States to, at the very least, not go further in terms of deregulation and, in particular, firmly oppose to the Parliament’s proposal to make isolated ad spots as admissible as any other advertisements.


To download a pdf of the full press release, click here.

 ENPA is looking for a EU Legal Policy Intern


ENPA is looking for a legal policy intern to provide

support to the policy advisors at the association’s offices in Brussels, with a

position available from Mid-June 2017 for a period of up to 6 months.

Deadline: 5th of June.


For more information & application, click here.


Ilaria Todde

Legal and Policy Advisor, ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 551 01 90

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


European Parliament’s vote on the review of the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive raises concerns for media pluralism and press freedom


Today’s vote of the European Parliament’s Culture Committee does not meet the expectations of the European press sector.


 Brussels, 25 April 2017 –

Publishers of newspapers and magazines in Europe are concerned that today’s vote in the European Parliament on the proposal for an updated AVMS Directive could seriously undermine media pluralism and press freedom in Europe.

First of all, the European Parliament’s compromises support a large deregulation of the audiovisual advertising market, which is probably neither what consumers want nor certainly what the objective of maintaining a vibrant and pluralistic media landscape requires.

Amongst other things, the Culture Committee voted in favour of a suggestion to make isolated ad spots as admissible as any other advertisements, including during TV prime time, whereas this provision (Article 19) was not part of the initial European Commission’s proposal. Yet, such a change would create an unprecedented situation on the advertising market, largely to the detriment of the press sector.

Similarly, ENPA and EMMA do regret that the Culture Committee did not vote for maintaining an hourly-based limitation of TV advertising (Article 23). Moving away from such a rule does not put press publishers in appropriate conditions to maintain their investments into journalistic content in the long run.

Finally, EMMA and ENPA regret that the concerns expressed in relation to quotas and the possibly broader inclusion of press websites under the scope of the Directive are not adequately addressed in the adopted compromise amendments.


To read this as a pdf, click here.


Sophie Scrive

Executive Director, ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 551 01 97

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


Press freedom and media pluralism under threat in European Parliament vote on the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive


 Brussels, 20 April 2017 –

Publishers of newspapers and magazines in Europe today sounded the alarm ahead of a vote in the European Parliament on the proposal for an updated AVMS Directive that could seriously undermine media pluralism and press freedom in Europe.

The European Parliament has finalized a package of compromise amendments on the AVMS proposal which will be voted in the Culture committee on 25 April. Despite repeated calls from press publishers to avoid an unprecedented deregulation of the audiovisual advertising market in Europe, the proposed compromise texts would have significant impacts on the press sector.

Amongst other things, the Culture Committee compromises include a suggestion to make isolated ad spots as admissible as any other advertisements, including during TV prime time where these spots can be very expensive. Such a proposal – yet absent from the European Commission’s initial text - would create a strong incentive for advertisers to shift lots of their investments from the press to TV market, therefore making the financing of press editorial content more difficult. In the interest of preserving healthy economic conditions supporting a viable and pluralistic media landscape, EMMA and ENPA therefore call on MEPs in the Culture committee to reject the proposal on Article 19(2).

The Culture Committee compromises also surprisingly ignore the many amendments which support an hourly-based quantitative limitation of TV advertising (Article 23). This is not consistent with past positions of the European Parliament that had recognized the importance of such a rule in order to ensure that advertising revenue is distributed fairly across mass media. Finally, EMMA and ENPA regret that the concerns expressed in relation to quotas and the possibly broader inclusion of press websites under the scope of the Directive were not sufficiently taken into account.


To read this as a pdf, click here.


Sophie Scrive

Executive Director, ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 551 01 97

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


Press publishers in Europe welcome journalists' support for a neighbouring right at EU level


 Brussels, 19 April 2017 –

ENPA President Carlo PERRONE, Vice President of ITEDI (La Stampa, Il Secolo XIX) welcomes the announcement made by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) on copyright, in particular on the neighbouring right for press publishers at EU level.


Carlo PERRONE stated: “Following the recent public statement of the EFJ, it is an important step to see that the European Federation of Journalists acknowledges the need for a publisher’s right at EU level which contributes to press sustainability and employment on a long term. This is a common objective that we want to achieve in order to safeguard press freedom and journalism.”


The different aspects of the press publishers’ right are currently debated at the European Parliament and the Council. The statement from the EFJ claiming a right for remuneration of journalists and suggesting the mechanism of collecting management should be discussed in more details. These ideas need in particular to be matched with the prevailing situation and possibilities at each national level.


However, these conditions strongly depend on the core existence of a neighbouring right for the press in Article 11 which cannot be removed. It is therefore urgent that the European Parliament and Council expressed their broad support to this article.


In September 2016, the European Commission has proposed a right for press publishers (Article 11) as part of its proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. Such a right has been strongly supported by all press publishers across the EU.


 For further information:


To read this as a pdf, click here.


Sophie Scrive

Executive Director, ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 551 01 97

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


Newspaper and Magazine publishers slam European Parliament report for dismissing proposal for a Publisher's Right and prioritising litigation over licensing and cooperation


 Brussels, 08 March 2017 –

Published yesterday evening, Tuesday, 7 March, EP Rapporteur Therese Comodini Cachia's report on the EU copyright reform package recommends rejection of the propsal for a Publisher's Right that would go some way to address the major challenges faced by publishers striving to finance an independent press and professional journalism in the face of widespread theft of their digital content and diversion of revenue-earning potential.


ENPA President Carlo Perrone: “The European Press Publishers are highly disappointed that Mrs. Comodini endangers the press publishers’ right in her draft report, which goes below the minimum level of protection provided by the Commission’s proposal in Article 11. Press publishers urge the European Parliament to ensure a clear and unambiguous right for the press like any other creative sectors (cinema, music or broadcasting). This right is an indispensable condition for the sustainability of the press and for the future of journalism in Europe.”


Carlo PERRONE, Président de l’ENPA: “Les éditeurs de presse en Europe sont extrêmement déçus du projet de rapport de Mme Comodini qui met en danger le droit des éditeurs de presse et ne garantit pas le niveau minimum de protection prévu dans la proposition de la Commission à l’article 11. Les éditeurs de presse exhortent le Parlement européen à assurer un droit clair et non-ambigu pour la presse tel que ceux des autres sectors créatifs (cinéma, musique, audiovisuel). Ce droit est une condition indispensable pour garantir la viabilité de la presse et assurer l’avenir du journalisme en Europe.”



To read the joint EMMA, ENPA, EPC and NME press release, click here.


Sophie Scrive

Executive Director, ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 551 01 97

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


Act now to #SaveYourPress


 Brussels, 23 February 2017 –

Ahead of the upcoming votes on the revised EU Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, European publishers’ associations are launching the #SaveYourPress campaign to promote support for the Publisher’s Right across the EU.



The campaign, which seeks to combat misleading information while protecting high-quality journalism, calls for commercial operators to properly and fairly compensate publishers and journalists whose work is re-produced for commercial gain.


Unlike other content producers, publishers currently do not possess any rights of their own at the European level regarding their published products. This lack of clarity is exploited by major online services and news aggregators, who profit on press publishers’ investment and the unprotected work of independent journalists.


To compete profitably on all platforms, press publishers ask for the same rights that are already enjoyed by broadcasters, music and film producers. Protections to monetise their work would enable publishers to invest in independent press and high quality content.


The European Commission’s copyright proposal, which recognises publishers as key rights-holders under the EU copyright framework, has faced fierce opposition. Opponents have been particularly vocal about the alleged establishment of platform liability and its alleged impact on news snippets and links.


The #SaveYourPress campaign aims to battle these claims and clarify that the Publisher’s Right is not an attempt to stop individual users from freely sharing news articles on social media. The Publisher’s Rights means that news aggregators will have to pay their fair share for other peoples’ work. A stronger publishing industry means more diverse, independent and high quality journalism for readers to enjoy and share with their families and friends.


To learn more about the Publisher’s Right and why it’s right for Europe visit the and websites.



Karin Fleming

Communications Manager, EMMA & ENPA

Tel.: +32 2 536 06 07

Rue de Namur 73A, B-1000 Brussels


French and German publishers unite to support European Commission copyright proposal


15 February 2017

In a press statement released earlier today, Mathias Döpfner, President of the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) and Francis Morel, President of the Association of French National Newspaper Publishers (SPQN) expressed their strong support of the European Commission's proposal for the introduction of a press publishers' right under European copyright law.


To read the proposal in its entirety, please click here (EN), (FR) and (DE).

Own-initiative report on whistleblowers adopted in plenary


Brussels, 14 February 2017 -

Today, 14 February, the plenary assembly in Strasbourg approved an own-initiative report on the role of whistleblowers in the protection of EU’s financial interests, put forward by the Budgetary Control (CONT) Committee earlier this year.


This report calls for a comprehensive, EU-wide whistleblower protection programme, as well as the creation of an independent EU body to help internal and external whistleblowers disclose pertinent information.


This resolution follows-up the adoption of the Trade Secrets Directive in April 2016, which raised doubts as to whether journalists and whistleblowers would be appropriately protected. While the Directive did include exceptions for the exercise of freedom of expression and information, in our view they were not clear enough and meant that the safeguards for freedom of media would largely depend on how national governments would implement the directive. At the time of adoption, EMMA and ENPA, together with the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), Reporters Without Borders (RWB), and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU - UER), warned of the chilling effect the directive could have on both whistleblowers and journalists.


This report will later be followed by a Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee report on “legitimate measures to protect whistle-blowers acting in public interest when disclosing the confidential information of companies and public bodies”. A rapporteur is yet to be appointed.

Press release


The Commission proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation seriously undermines the economic sustainability of the digital press



Brussels, 10 January 2017 –
Today, the European Commission presented a legislative proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation concerning the respect for private life and personal data in electronic communications and repealing the existing Directive 2002/58/EC (last modified in 2009). Among other things, the proposal introduces new rules governing the use of cookies, which will significantly affect the business model of the digital press (...)


Click here for full press release

Press release


Newspaper and magazine publishers hail 2017 as critical for the future of independent media and professional journalism.



Tomorrow, 11 January, the EPP group in the European Parliament will kick off what will be a busy year for debates, hearings and legislative progress on the controversial EU copyright reform. (...)


Click here for full press release

European newspaper and magazine publishers welcome EU Commission’s proposal on reduced VAT for e-publications


Brussels, 1 December 2016 –

The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) and the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) jointly welcome the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive as regards rates of value added tax applied to books, newspapers and periodicals that endorses the possibility for all Member States to choose to apply zero, super reduced, or reduced VAT rates, which are currently applicable to printed newspapers and magazines, to the digital environment.

The proposal, which was released today, states:

“Member States should be enabled to align the VAT rates for electronically supplied publications with lower VAT rates for publications on any means of physical support.”


Click here for full press release

Press Freedom in a Digital World: The Value of Copyright


The event organized on Tuesday, 29 November gathered around 70 persons from the press publishing sector throughout Europe and from the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council.


High-level speakers attended this debate on the Copyright reform:

  • Therese Comodini Cachia, MEP, rapporteur in the European Parliament
  • Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
  • Laurent Joffrin, Directeur de la rédaction et de la publication, Libération
  • Thomas Höppner, professor of civil and intellectual property law, Berlin
  • Fabienne Brison, doctor in law and professor of intellectual property, media law
  • François le Hodey, CEO of IPM/La Libre Belgique
  • Carlo Perrone, ENPA President, Vice President, Italiana Editrice, S. p. A. (ITEDI - La Stampa & Il Secolo XIX)
  • Valdo Lehari Jr, Publisher and Managing Director/CEO Reutlinger General Anzeiger

Press Freedom in a Digital World: Photos Gallery


Press publishers join forces to safeguard democratic values in Europe by making the case for a strong European copyright

Brussels – 27 September 2016. “Empower Democracy” (, officially launched today, is a cross-border alliance initiated by Europe’s press publishers to raise awareness about the crucial democratic role of the press, the need for a free, independent, pluralistic and vibrant press sector in Europe is acknowledged in the ongoing copyright reform.

Europe's media landscape is unique in its diversity. “We have to recognise the fundamental conditions for media pluralism and freedom and to defend them, also taking responsibility for the new framework in this area: regulatory and non-regulatory. We need trustworthy media.” says MEP Michal Boni.

“It is crucial that the contribution made by press publishers to media diversity, freedom of speech and European pluralism must be properly valued” says Mark Dekan, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer publishing newspapers and magazines online and print in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia. “A strong media sector needs a strong legal framework: a Europe-wide publisher's right. With such a right, press publishers will be able to defend their intellectual property against unauthorised use, thereby protecting the value of their work. We call upon the European Parliament and the European governments to fully support this important regulatory initiative that was presented almost 2 weeks ago!”


The website underlines the importance of the publisher’s right in helping to maintain independent, pluralistic media in Europe.
By introducing a publisher’s right, publishers would be given the right to legally protect what is theirs, which would help to address some of the key challenges that publishers are facing in a digitized media world. Publishers would then effectively be treated the same way as other content producers like broadcasters, film producers, and phonogram producers.

“Press publishers are essential to the European economy and are subject to worldwide competition” states Xavier Bouckaert, CEO of Roularta Media in Belgium. “In recent years we have heavily invested in digital business models and innovation. By constantly improving the ways of communicating content to our readers, we shape and frame our digital environment – and pave the way for a future European digital single market. For Europe to become a strong player in the digital sphere, we need a clear regulatory framework to foster growth and unlock Europe’s creative potential.”

In the name of the initiators of the alliance Carlo Perrone, President of ENPA and Italian publisher explains: “The Commission’s proposal represents an historical and significant step by providing a right for press publishers at EU level. This right neither creates a tax on links nor prevents the sharing of links between individual users. It will enable press publishers across Europe to value and protect their editorial content in the digital environment which would highly benefit media pluralism, press freedom and cultural diversity.”

The website was introduced to the public on the 27th of September 2016 during a “Future Media Lounge” debate on the press freedom situation in Europe in the European Parliament.


Click here for PDF version

Max von Abendroth
Executive Director, EMMA

Sophie Scrive
Deputy Executive Director, ENPA

Angela Mills Wade
Executive Director, EPC

Wout van Wijk
Executive Director, NME


Press publishers in Europe respond to public consultation on reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications


 Brussels, 20 September 2016 – ENPA - the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association - and EMMA - the European Magazine Media Association – have responded to the public consultation launched by the European Commission on reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications.


 This public consultation paves the way for the Commission’s upcoming proposal which would allow Member States to apply the same zero, super reduced or reduced VAT rates applicable for printed newspapers and magazines also to the digital environment. In its reply to the public consultation, ENPA and EMMA have reiterated the urgent need for such a legislative change in the VAT legislation.


 On 6th May 2015, European Commission President Juncker made a speech at the BDZV congress in Brussels in which he declared support for a reduction of VAT on digital press and stated that the Commission would come forward with a proposal. This intention has been recently confirmed by Commissioner Moscovici which highlighted the Commission’s plan to present a proposal by the end of 2016 allowing Member States to lower VAT rates for the press in the digital environment.


 In their joint submission, ENPA and EMMA have highlighted the positive economic benefit of such a change for the sustainability of press publishing companies and for responding to readers’ increasing demand for professional journalistic content and innovative services in the digital environment. Publishers would be able to keep a high level of investment in editorial content whilst maintaining the lowest possible price for readers.


 Finally, the press publishing sector in Europe plays a key-role in education and literacy at a time when our society, especially the young generation, are increasingly reading news on all digital platforms. Reducing VAT on the digital press would improve accessibility to pluralistic and diverse press content, which is crucial for safeguarding Europe’s democratic values, media pluralism and cultural diversity.


 Click here for full press release


Contact :



Deputy Executive Director

ENPA - European Newspaper Publishers’ Association

Rue de Namur, 73A

B-1000, Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: +32 (0)2 551 0197

Fax: +32 (0)2 551 01 99



 European Affairs Manager

EMMA – European Magazine Media Association

 Rue de Namur, 73A

B-1000, Brussels, Belgium

 Tel: +32 2 536 06 08


Press Release


Brussels, 14 September 2016 - Newspaper and magazine publishers welcome the European Commission’s proposal for publishing rights


Europe’s leading Newspaper and Magazine Publishers’ Associations EMMA, ENPA, EPC and NME welcome today’s proposal by the European Commission to recognize publishers as rightholders in EU copyright law.


"The introduction of a publisher’s right at EU-level is a necessary and historically important step in guaranteeing media pluralism as an essential basis for freedom of opinion and democracy in the digital world," declared the publishers’ organizations today in Brussels. The Commission’s proposal takes into account the unsatisfactory situation whereby the high-quality content produced by press publishers contributes to the success of many online platforms that do not make a significant contribution to the content, while publishers do not benefit from an appropriate share of the value produced.


The Commission is correct in its assessment that, without adequate legal protection at EU level, the sustainability of publishing industries may be at stake with the risk of further negative consequences on media pluralism, democratic debate and quality of information.




On a daily basis, European newspaper and magazine publishers produce thousands of articles which, in the age of the internet, can be partly or fully copied, recycled and marketed by third parties within just a few seconds. Press publishers have long underlined the importance of being able to get a return on their investment in professional journalism, in particular in the context of third parties’ commercial use of their products, in order to continue their important role of providing information, entertainment and opinion in our democratic society. This has been recognised by the Commission in its proposal today, which provides protection for press publications and recognises the important role of press publishers. This step is long overdue, as all other sectors of the creative industries except for the publishing sector currently enjoy their own rights. It was time to close this loophole in order to provide legal certainty for press publications in the digital world.


To achieve this goal, it is important that the proposal is not subsequently weakened, and that it includes all the necessary rights to meaningfully enable press publishers to market their products. It is equally important to sustainably secure press publishers’ share of fair compensation for uses of the work made under limitations or exceptions, without being burdensome.


What remains certain is that the publisher’s right will have no impact on the freedom of the internet, in particular on linking. All regular copyright exceptions, such as those relating to quoting, illustration, research and private copying, etc. will still apply.


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ENPA and EMMA moved to new office


ENPA has moved jointly with EMMA to a new office in Rue de Namur 73 A, 1000 Brussels.

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On 1 July 2016, media experts and stakeholders from throughout Europe joined together in Wroclaw, Poland, to participate in the press freedom conference ®evolution of Europe’s Press, organized by ENPA together with EMMA and an alliance of other press and journalism associations. 


The conference saw a host of interesting events and speeches, focusing on the role of the media in in modern democracy, and current challenges and threats to Europe’s media. Participants were involved in developing a range of suggestions to overcome such challenges, such as a revision of privacy or antiterrorism laws to avoid arbitrary interpretation from national judiciaries causing risks to media freedom. The promising ideas formulated at this event will continue on as part of the Future Media Lab dialogues. The next important event to note is the upcoming Future Media Lounge session in September, at the European Parliament in Brussels. (Details to follow). You can find more information about the press freedom conference here.

Publishers' Right in a Digital Age

Adequate legal protection is needed to ensure the diversity of the press and the future of quality Journalism in Europe 


The European Commission has launched a consultation on publishers’ rights on 23 March 2016. This provides an important opportunity for the Commission, ahead of legislative proposals for EU copyright reform, to properly assess the copyright-related challenges faced by the publishing community in the digital era, what is at stake and the appropriate way to address these issues at EU level.


The consultation is much welcomed by the publishing community, as it provides the opportunity to acknowledge the value of the press to society and the digital economy, and to set the record straight on the challenges posed in the digital environment and how to best address them at EU level.


The hope is that it could ultimately lead to much-needed adequate legal protection of publishers in the EU copyright framework, in particular by clarifying at EU level that publishers, like the other content producers (broadcasters, film producers, phonogram producers], are listed as rightholders in EU copyright law. 


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