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Izba Wydawcow Prasy
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The Chamber of Press Publishers (IWP), established in 1996, is a business self-government organisation of press publishers. Its major objectives are:

  • to represent business interests of its member entities, within the scope of their publishing operations, especially to state administration and local self-government authorities; 
  • to define and disseminate rules of professional conduct in publishing, and particularly draw up and improve the standards of fair play in business; 
  • to give opinions on draft solutions related to the publishing market, participate in drafting laws in this field, and assess implementation and functioning of legal regulations concerning business operations; 
  • to arrange assistance for members of the Chamber in solving their business-related and organizational problems connected with establishing and running a publishing business; 
  • to conduct promotional activities for the members and help them to establish contacts with Polish and foreign partners. 

The Chamber helps publishers in their publishing operations through training, consultations, as well as by providing expert opinions on tax and legal issues. The Chamber promotes press readership and advertising in printed media. It publishes an internal bulletin for IWP members with information about works undertaken by the Board and the topical committees. The bulletin presents information about legal and tax opinions and about important developments in the media market and in our environment.

The following Chamber committees are active: distribution, B2B press, local press, committee for advertising, legal expert group and internet committee. Representatives of publishers from various sections work in the committees on a voluntary basis. The committees are in close contact with the Board, who receive regular information about their work. The committees are important because they offer an opportunity for every willing person with a good idea to realise it in the Chamber forum.

IWP has 114 member publishers – of nation-wide and regional newspapers, magazines and periodicals – who jointly publish 460 titles, of which 36 are papers distributed daily with circulation of 3.5 million copies, read by more than 10 million readers in Poland.