Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali



Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali
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The Italian Federation of Newspaper and Periodical Publishers (FIEG), founded in 1950, is a trade association whose members are publishers of daily newspapers, periodicals and national press agencies. The key objectives of FIEG, within the framework of its statute, are to:

  • defend and promote the freedom of information; 
  • protect the economic independence and strength of publishing firms as essential condition for the freedom of information; 
  • contribute to the development of a greater penetration of newspapers and periodicals as means of information and advertising vehicles; 
  • defend the rights and the moral and material interests of its members. 

According to these basic principles, FIEG supports the needs and the proposals coming from the publishing industry in its relationships with the main political and administrative national institutions, including Parliament, Government, unions and other social partners.

The Federation is directly engaged in negotiations with unions for drawing up the national labour contracts of the publishing sector (composed of three categories: journalists, printers and managers). FIEG stipulates and manages - with the retailers unions - the national agreement which establish rules and guidelines for the sale of dailies and periodicals.

FIEG also provides legal assistance to its members; publishes analyses and researches in order to give updated pictures of the publishing sector; deals about all issues related to the sale, the delivery, the transport and the advertising of daily newspapers and periodicals.