Schweizer Medien


Konradstrasse 18

Since 1899, SCHWEIZER MEDIEN coordinates the Swiss news organisations. In synergy with regional organisations, it represents the interests of media groups engaged in the press sector. The association has more than 150 media groups or members involved in this sector, for a total of about 300 editorial newspapers, magazines and professional journals.


  • offers marketing support. It participates in the design and implementation of joint marketing strategies and campaigns for newspapers and magazines. It offers its expertise in the design and implementation of measurement tools promotional market readership, especially among youth and schools; 
  • represents the interests of the sector in the political world and to the authorities in Switzerland and abroad; 
  • provides its weight and influence on policies relating to media within the European Union and the rest of the world; 
  • represents the interests of advertisers and advertising agencies. It publishes, including the "Guide of the advertising market of the Swiss print" and the atlas of the media "Best practices"; 
  • represents the interests of the profession from post offices and kiosks; 
  • represents the interests of the profession in terms of copyright; 
  • exerts its influence on the structural conditions of the employment market; 
  • informs and advises its members in the following areas: media law, labour law, criminal law, legislation on advertising and competition, copyright, VAT and other questions of law; 
  • informs and advises its members in marketing and publishing, subscriptions, advertising and marketing on any matter relating to business management; 
  • edit the guide "Branchenkunde Verlag, Werbung, Druck" [publishing, advertising and printing for professionals in the industry]. Members receive a subscription at a reduced price; 
  • FLASH monthly edition, a review of information and documentation on the media; 
  • published numerous studies and statistics affecting the sector; 
  • grants press card Swiss media professionals active in one of the organizations members of the Schweizer Presse.