Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen



Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen
Schottenring 12/Top 5

The VÖZ is a voluntary association of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. It was founded in 1946. As an organisation of shared interest and in accordance with its mission it deals with all topics of central relevance for publishers, including media policy and legislation, marketing, sales, staff regulations, initial and further training, etc.

Four boards devoted to central areas of interest and two advisory boards discuss and develop the basis for decisions taken by the bodies of the Association. The boards address respectively "Readers' Market", "Advertising Market", "Digital Media" and "Collective Partners, Labour and Social Law"; they are organised on a twin-track basis with a volunteer chairperson and a full-time paid manager who takes care of the board's daily business. The "Advisory Board for Journalistic Matters" and the "Advisory Board for Legal Matters" have more broadly-based mandates.

The VÖZ currently has 58 full members: 14 daily newspapers, and 44 weekly newspapers as well as weekly and/or monthly magazines.