European press publishers celebrate World Intellectual Property day

European press publishers celebrate the ground-breaking work of women authors and creators on World Intellectual Property Day. This year’s celebrations focus on the women shaping and enriching European works and content, including journalism and publishing, and thereby European culture. In order to safeguard this European cultural, social and economic fabric at a time of ever faster and impactful technological development, it is key to ensure a EU framework enabling everyone to avail themselves of the benefits of the digital economy whilst duly safeguarding rightsholders’ legitimate intellectual property rights and protections. In this regard, the conclusion of the 2019 Copyright Directive‘s transposition as well as the implementation of both a strong publishers’ right and Digital Markets Act are all essential preconditions towards levelling the playing field in the digital economy.


Ilias Konteas, Executive Director of EMMA and ENPA said: “The work of women authors and creators is a fundamental and indispensable element of the European cultural and creative fabric, which also contributes decisively to the very high standards of quality of European press publications. Intellectual property plays a key role is protecting these standards of quality.”


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