Promoting value of content

Newspapers were one of the first creative sectors to offer its content in digital formats and the business has rapidly transformed to become a leading digital content player.

Publishers of newspapers and news media have made substantial investments to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by new technology to serve their readers with professional content in both print and digital formats. In this context, effective copyright protection and enforcement are more important than ever.

Maintaining Copyright Balance

The current EU legislative framework  provides an appropriate balance between rights holders and users I terms of rights and exceptions to copyright. Introducing new exceptions would seriously jeopardise the primary market for professional press content and undermine the investment of publishers in a wide range of editorial content. Licensing provides more efficient and business-friendly solutions to tackling any obstacles in the market.

Combatting Piracy and parasitism

In the digital environment, respect for copyright by all market players, including search engines and news aggregators, is a necessary precondition to ensure a sustainable press sector in Europe. Effective, IPR enforcement mechanisms and procedures are essential to combat both piracy and parasitism, as well as to ensure that society at large can fully enjoy the benefits of the IP system.