Role in society

Newspapers and news media are the ultimate sources for media literate citizens. Reading news media opens a window on to other worlds and other viewpoints, also confronting us with our own pre-conceived ideas and challenging our views.

Publishers greatly value the wider role that they play in society . In the field of environmental policy, the publishing sector is focused on maximising paper recycling and resource efficiency, as well as effective use of energy and raw materials to help fight against  climate change.

Promoting Media Literate Citizenship

Newspapers and news media have a fundamental role to play in promoting the development of media literate and socially engaged citizens who have an understanding of local, national and global events. Newspaper content, both in print and digital formats, should be included in media education programmes managed by the European Union. "Digital literacy" initiatives should be linked to the promotion of "media literacy" so that citizens can better assess critically the content they access online.

Achieving Sustainability Objectives

The print media value chain is an essential contributor to a knowledge-based society and the cultural economy. Moreover, paper is sustainable; it is base on wood, a natural and renewable resource. Industry self-regulation is an effective, flexible and cost-efficient means of achieving overall sustainability objectives and targets by all stakeholders in the print value chain.